Types of Roofs We Install

Types of Roofs We Install

Founded in 1977, our Los Angeles roofing company is still owned and operated under the same management. Our commitment to excellence has allowed us to serve over 85,000 customers, building a strong clientele base. We always put our customers first, providing unparalleled service throughout the greater Los Angeles area. Whether you want an overlay roof installation or need to tear off your old shingles, our contractors are here to help. We are residential roofing specialists, which means we can provide you with the expert opinions you need. Let our company help you create the roof you need to add value and beauty to your home!

What Roof Types Do You Offer In California?

Roofing Materials

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At Delta Roofing, we can install and repair a wide range of roofing materials, including the following:

  • Composition Shingle: Composite shingles are mainly made using a combination of asphalt, recycled paper, and fiberglass. This type of roofing material is known to be especially good for environments with moisture and is also fireproof.
  • Presidential Shake: Presidential shake is considered to be one of the "luxurious" types of roof shingles. This material is made from fiberglass and offers strength and longevity to your roof.
  • Concrete Tile: Concrete tiles are amongst the most common roofing materials that are used for home roofs. They are originally made out of clay and are known to last many years.
  • Slate: Roofs made out of slate are made using pure stone. They create a beautiful and charming looking roof, while simultaneously providing your home with great durability.
  • Lightweight Tile: Lightweight tiles are fireproof
  • Synthetic Shake: This type of roof is made from a combination of cement, metal rubber, and asphalt. In incredibly durable roofing material.
  • Clay Tile: Clay tiles, as the name suggests, are made out of clay. This roof type is extremely popular due to its natural fireproof materials and its ability to withstand heavy rain.
  • Steel/Metal Roofing: Steel or metal roofing is a great option if you are looking to keep the interior of your home cooler. It is energy-efficient and provides great wind resistance as well.
  • Thermoplastic Polyolefin (TPO): TPO is a great roofing option for both commercial and residential buildings. It is popular for being bacteria-resistant, as well as excellent for resisting debris accumulation.
  • Wooden Shingles/Shakes: Wooden shingles or shakes roofing is made using pure natural hardwood. It creates a beautiful aesthetic, while at the same time providing your home with stability and excellent insulation.
  • Cedar Lite Shake Tile: This is a damage-resistant roofing material, that also serves its purpose of being an insect repellant. Many homeowners also choose to add longevity to their cedar lite shake tile roofs through the process of roof coating.

Please don't hesitate to contact us at (818) 563-5325 for more information about the different roof types we offer in California. You can count on us to help you choose the right roofing material for you.

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With more than 30 years' experience, Delta Roofing offers the highest level of roofing service and a wide range of products. We understand how important it is to have a well-designed roof, even though most people don't realize how crucial the structure of their roof is when it comes to protecting their homes.

At our company, we know the building and installing a strong, durable roof is critical to creating a high-quality home. Whether you want the natural stone look of slate or prefer the traditional appeal of clay tiles, our Los Angeles roofing company can supply it. We can help you to determine which style of roof is most suitable for your home.

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