Roof Repairs

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undefinedOur Los Angeles roofing contractors provide excellent roof repair services for both residential roofs and commercial/industrial roofs throughout Los Angeles, California. When you have a damaged roof, this can cause various types of problems.

If the damage is to a residential roof (the roof of your home), you might end up having leaks that can lead to water damage or mold issues. If the damage is to a commercial or industrial roof (such as the roof of an office building), your business or the businesses of your tenants can be impacted and you could also be forced to pay higher energy costs.

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Los Angeles Roofing Company with Decades of Experience

As a roofing company that was established in 1977, Delta Roofing's services are based on extensive roofing experience. Our company is committed to using up-to-date roofing systems and repair methods when we working with our clients.

Want to know what else sets our company apart? Here are just a few of the things that differentiate us:

  • Over 30 years of experience providing roofing services
  • Experience performing services on over 85,000 roofs
  • 1-year warranty for our roofing services
  • Rebate of 50% of your annual maintenance fee if you have to have a re-roof within the warranty period
  • Green roofing services, such as those involving solar panels and solar roof tiles

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While some properties require entire roof replacements, others may just need repairs to certain parts of the roof. For example, it may be necessary to repair a leak or to repair or replace broken or weathered roof shingles. Roof damage may be caused by extreme weather conditions, by an accident that occurred on the roof, or even just by deterioration of the roof materials over time. For quality roofing services available at competitive pricing, call Delta Roofing!

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